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Too Cool For School

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Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin Shading Contour (2 Colors)

The most popular contouring palletes sold in Korea, sold over 10 million.

1st Shading Artclass By Rodin Shading is Too Cool For School’s best-selling contouring palette for naturally contoured look with three skin-blending shade blocks in a handy compact with a mirror.

Kini tersedia dalam 2 pilihan tone warna:

#1 Classic : warna kecoklatan dengan tone hangat dan undertone merah dan hasil contour yang lebih natural

#2 Modern: warna abu netral untuk tone warna kulit yang dingin, atau untuk hasil contour yang lebih kontras

1. Inspired by Rodin who is famous for delicate sculpture with contours.
2. Multi purpose shading.
3. Natural and vital skin can be presented.
4. Light touch. Adheres well on skin.

How to use Blend all three colors just along jaw and chin line for slimming effect, and use individual colors for darker or lighter areas, such as nose or hair lines. #TCFS #toocoolforschool #toocoolforschoolbyrodin #blusher #blusherkorean

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