Stimmung BT21 Series - BT21 Lip Glossy / BT21 Lip Velvet / BT21 Face Blusher


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BT21 Lip Glossy ;_ - Stimmung Lip Glossy BT21 Character

- Top Coat (QGTP002) Finishing the lip color without being sticky.

-Stimmung Lip Glossy BT21 Cooky - Daily Peach (QGCR005) Soft pink color for daily use.

BT21 Lip Velvet ;_

- Stimmung Lip Velvet BT21 Mang - Bitten Powder (QVML007) Elegant lip color that make you look like Korean actress. - Stimmung Lip Velvet BT21 Shooky

- Brick Beige (QVBE002) Warm Tone or Cool Tone matches everyone's color!

- Stimmung Lip Velvet BT21 Tata - Chili Red (QVRD008) Red color is the standard for daily use.


BT21 Face Blusher ;_

- Stimmung Face Blusher BT21 RJ - Natural Coral (BLCR003) The subtle apricot color is for daily color.

- Stimmung Face Blusher BT21 Koya - Rommance Coral (BLCR002) A real coral full of freshness.

- Stimmung Face Blusher BT21 Chimmy - Vintage Rose (BLML001) Deep dried rose mood color.

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