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Stimmung All Series Lip Velvet / Lip Glossy / Eye Glitter

Stimmung All Series Lip Velvet / Lip Glossy / Eye Glitter

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Lip Velvet ;

- Stimmung Lip Velvet (QVML001) Neon pink coral, half pink coral.

- Stimmung Lip Velvet (QVML002) Elegance in calmness, faded rose-colored gray purple pink lip.

- Stimmung Lip Velvet (QVML003) Plum deep burgundy lip.

- Stimmung Lip Velvet (QVML005) Mature wine rain color is elegant and pure plum pink lips.

- Stimmung Lip Velvet (QVOR001) Coral 50 Pink 50 Pretty ratio! Fluorescent coral lips

Lip Glossy ;

- Stimmung Lip Glossy Nude Pink MLBB1 (QGML001) Nude pink the color that loves by everyone.

- Stimmung Lip Glossy Plum Rose - (QGML002) Plume rose color that's easy to use.

- Stimmung Lip Glossy Orange 2 - (QGOR002) A fresh sparking orange color.

Eye Glitter ;

- Stimmung Eye Glitter (YSGL002) Clear, colorful opal pearls like diamond dust.

- Stimmung Eye Glitter (YSGL001) Gold and silver glittering on top of the brilliant champagne.

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