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ROMAND The Universe Glitter Shadow (4 Colors)

ROMAND The Universe Glitter Shadow (4 Colors)

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ROMAND - The Universe Glitter Shadow (4 Colors) ROMAND NEW ARRIVAL!

The brightness of the universe! Mysterious milky way pearl talks! Like a star in your eyes The combination ends up looking for any glitter in the universe

You will find it at Romand Universe.

Holiday glitter combination Chic and luxurious holiday glitter look Features 1. Vaseline light, which does not exist in a world where various colors shine along corners 2. The base color is different and shows a different charm 3. Without sticking with hands tight

Product Description

1. Moonlight: Light beige with pearls of gold and silver depending on the angle

2. White Hole: The base color is transparent with blue pearls, silver pearls and gold pearls depending on the angle
3. Saturn Coral: The unique color of coral, pink coral and yellow green base depends on the angle
4. Black Hole: Common mint brown color, brown and mint base depend on the angle

Production: Korea The extraordinary feeling of elegance creates an elegant and luxurious look.
1. Glittery light that shines in various colors along the angle
2. The color is so distinct that every colors are different.
3. No sticking of pearls




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