[NEW ARRIVAL] Romand Mood Peble Nail Polish


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[NEW ARRIVAL] Romand Mood Peble Nail
Availible 10 Colors:
- 00 Crunky Black Point random cut glitter that looks like crushing black gemstones
- 01 Nu-Pebble Tone-on-tone nude that makes your hands look clear
- 02 Rosy Syrup A rosy syrup that builds complexion on your fingertips
- 03 Mongdol Black-brown that looks just like mondol that sparkles on the beach
- 04 Mud Green The strange green tea color that builds up the mood the more you apply it - 06 OK A blue jade color with a strange feeling
- 07 Mauve Sand Mauve nude that makes the strange feeling even more sublime
- 09 Amber Deep and warm caramel brown resembling amber
- 10 Dusk Navy Cozy navy black reminiscent of the deep night sky
- 17 Bluebell is a pure and clear soft-blue color, reminding the blue forget-me-not
How to Use: After applying the base coat, apply an appropriate amount of the contents to the brush and gently spread on the nails. Ingredients: Butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, ethyl acetate, dipropylene glycol dibenzoate, camphor, octocrylene, etc. #romand #rom&nd #moodpebble #nailpolish

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