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MUTED Cactus Serum (50ml)

MUTED Cactus Serum (50ml)

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🌵MUTED Cactus Serum🌵 Calming, Moisturizing, Brightening✨

This serum contains opuntia ficus indica extract. This is the extract of a species of cactus native to the South Korean Island Jeju. It contains about eight times more vitamin C than the more commonly used aloe vera and it has five times more soothing, moisturizing and nutritional content. This serum contains two brightening ingredients : rhodiola root extract and niacinamide✨

Rhodiola root extract helps writen your skin by helping to suppress melanin and Niacinamide is a water-solube vitamin B3, which rejuvenates aging skin, prevents moisture loss of the skin, stimulates microcirculation of the dermis and is recently listed as a proven material for skin whitening by the Korean and Drug Administration (MFDS). To deliver both instant and long-lasting effects, this serum contains seven types of hyaluronic acid. Each with their own lolecular weight. The molecule size of different hyaluronic acids vary from bigger molecules that sit closer to the skin's surface to smaller ones that go in deeper into the epidermis. To enchance the calming, brightening and moisturizing effects of this serum, we have added a high concentration of 12 essential vitamins. It also contains panthenol which is used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

How to use:

✨ Apply a generous drop on and massage your face in small tapping motions with your fingertrips or your palms

✨ Don't rub your skin excessively. Let the serum absorb into your skin on its own

✨ We recommend to apply the serum before going to sleep to fully benefit from its effects BPOM NA26230100358 Ukuran 50 mL

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