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MILKTOUCH Hedera Helix Relaxing Cream (50ml)

MILKTOUCH Hedera Helix Relaxing Cream (50ml)

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A cream that has ALL these under Control?

✔ Patented hedera helix extract calms down irritated skin🌿

✔ 3 layers of hyaluronic acid penetrate under your skin to keep it moisturized💦

✔ Hydration component, butylene glycol, glycerin creates a barrier keeping our skin moist for longer🌟

The perfect balance of hedera helix that solves ALL three skin problems at once

Hedera Helix Relaxing Cream💚
Cream Packed with LOVE!

A Mother, watching her child suffer from atopy, we found special ingredient that can help relieve this pain!

Hedera Helix🌿

Life crawling up the walls without a single drop of water, which has strong vitality.

This ingredient is patented for relieving atopy skin. (limited to characteristics of the ingredient)

Secret behind Hedera Helix’s fierce vitality, crawling up any dry walls?

Answer, ‘Galactoarabinan’🌿

We have packed Hedera Helix’s vitality into the Cream, grasping all High-quality Nutrients/Moisture!

✔ Immediate Relief to Stimulated Skin
✔ Refreshingly Moisturizing
✔ Nutrient Packed Skin Supplement


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