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MILKTOUCH Hedera Helix Jumbo Pad (130ml)

MILKTOUCH Hedera Helix Jumbo Pad (130ml)

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The ultimate 10 seconds Relaxing Pad! Want to find out everything about Hedera Helix pad?

✔️ Hedera Helix Essence Packed! Moist relaxation without any irritation

✔️ Hyaluronic Acid, Beta-Glucan, Panthenol! 3 Layers of Hydration keeps your skin moist and bright!

✔️ PHA Softly and Safely exfoliates old skin with its Large particles and High Moisture Bounding Ability

✔️ Vitamin B5, C derivative, E derivative Packed allowing your skin to shine Radiantly

Why do we have to use skin pads?🤔

If dead skin, bodily waste or harmful substances block our pores, sebum and waste can’t escape, expanding the pores!

The solution?
‘Hedera Helix Relaxing Pad’🌿💦

Mildly dissolves dead skins with its PHA component,
While Hedera Helix Essence help calm down any skin stress!
How to use Hedera Helix Pad to fully relax sensitive skin🤤

STEP 1. Use at toner level, after make-up cleanser. Clean around your forehead, nose and chin with the rough embossing side of the pad.

STEP 2. Clean the rest of your face with the smooth pure cotton side. Make sure to GENTLY clean so your skin is not stimulated!

STEP 3. If you feel that a specific place is especially dry or sensitive, place the pad like a mask-pack for about 2~5 mins.

🌟 Tip 1. Use the pad AFTER refrigerating!🧊
Cools and Relaxes stimulated and heated skin much Faster.

🌟 Tip 2. Gently clean your elbows and neck with the pad. PHA mildly dissolves dead skins and helps with Body care as well💪


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