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Milktouch All-day Long and Curl Mascara are formulated using nature's best ingredients that restore & add natural shine and luster to your eyelashes.
This lengthening mascara also adds volume to lashes sharply and separately, making you look more glamorous.

- Clear Black
- Romantic Brown

Curls up eyelashes from the roots to achieve long lasting c-curl effect with precise application.
Contains micro fibers to lengthen the eye lashes without clumping.
Fixes the eyelashes with high-adherence wax and coats the eyelashes with another layer with lightweight oil.
Makes you lashes fuller and longer that lasts all day long.

How to use:

1. Gently comb from the roots of lashes for 1-2 times.

2. Hold brush upright and apply on the desired lashes.

MILKTOUCH All Day Long And Curl Mascara (10G) NA26221200864
MILKTOUCH All Day Long And Curl Mascara Brown (10G) NA26221200863
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