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MEDICUBE Super Cica Daily Quick Mask (350gr)

MEDICUBE Super Cica Daily Quick Mask (350gr)

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Day & Night 1 minute easy and quick skincare. Gives you a instant soothing, cooling, and moisturizing
What is SUPER CICA DAILY QUICK MASK? Quick soothing & hydrating facial mask formulated with 88% cica. One sheet is
enough to experience immediate soothing and moisturization

<What is special>

Instant 1 minute soothing facial mask in a jar with less time and...

1) Made of skin-friendly cellulose material 100% biodegradable

2) No artificial colors and artificial fragrances

3) Hypoallergenically tested

<Clinical trials>
Reduce redness of skin that is damaged by external stimulus - 4.90% (after 60s upon use)

Improve defense barrier of skin that is damaged by external stimulus - 41.27% (after 60s upon use)

Reduce skin temperature (cooling effect) - -7.22 celsius (after 60s upon use)

Maintain skin moisture levels for 24hrs - 33% Improve skin bumpiness - 6.95% (after 1 use)

Smoother makeup application - 4.26 A.U. (after 1 use)

*Excerpt from Super Cica Daily Quick Mask clinical test report

<Who needs it>
Who wants to soothe sensitive and irritated skin with an easy daily mask Who experiences troubled skin often Who wants to have a quick soothing fix for sensitive skin Who has dry and itchy skin Who needs gentle moisturizing skincare

Weight: 30 sheets


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