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Serum for pore and sebum control
Safe for sensitif skin

Get cleaner pores & clearer skin in just 2 weeks.
The Zero Pore Serum 2.0 has been formulated to give you better, more effective sebum control and pore tightening effects. Along with this upgraded formula, you also get a size up in the 2.0 version. The Zero Pore Serum 2.0 has also successfully completed 7 different clinical trials.

Clinically tested and proven to tighten pores by Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences. The Zero Pore Serum 2.0 contains ingredients that control excess sebum excretion and cleanses pores. They are also made with skin friendly natural ingredients and have passed the hypoallergenic test making them suitable for sensitive skin.

BPOM: NA26220100650

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