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MEDICUBE Deep Collagen Vita Multi Balm (11gr)

MEDICUBE Deep Collagen Vita Multi Balm (11gr)

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2sec swipe-and-done! Quick and easy care
Multi-function, brightening & plumping! Improve multi-wrinkle, smile lines, crow's feet, and neck lines and brighten multi-spot

- Targers signs of aging & improves spot
- Luxurious glow
- Portable stick - type

What is Deep Collagen Vita Multi Serum Stick?
Instant and deep rejuvenation with a scoop of radiance and luminance on your skin.
Triple Collagen Complex and 15% Vitamin C to help improve skin elasticity and hyperpigmentation on areas of concern
#Smile Lines #Crow's Feet #Neck Lines #Luminizing Glow #AnytimeAnywhere

Main Ingredients:
- Triple Collagen Complex
Fill up collagen deep down to help plump up

- Pure Vitamin C 15%
Antioxidant and improve hyperpigmentation

- 10 peptides
Skin protein components create synergy with collagen

What is special?
Super effective and simple Multi Serum Stick
Point 1. Multi-care
Helps to fill in fine lines and lighten spots. medicube's know-how for lines, freckles, and hyperpigmentation care all in one stick.
Point 2. Luxurious Glow on your skin
Clinically tested and proven to improve skin radiance, texture, and moisture levels.
Point 3. Super simple stick-type
"Portable Serum in your pocket." Highly effective application, whenever and wherever.

Who needs it?
- Those concerned about wrinkles and dull skin
- Those in need of an easy solution to wrinkles, freckles and blemishes
- Those worried about deep neck wrinkles
- Those concerned about obvious looking crow's feet and lip wrinkles when laughing
- Those who experience cakey makeup after application

How to use:
Apply it on smoothly and gently in circular motion

Before makeup - Moisturize for natural looking glow
Apply smoothly all over face during final step of skincare routine. This will provide a moisturizing glow to dry and lacklustre skin.

During makeup reapplication - Luxurious glow on point zones
Lightly apply to target zones such as forehead, nose bridge, cheekbones and other body parts to enchance makeup and gain a luxurious glow to the face.

For a smoother and more moisturizing application, slightly melt multi balm with body heat by applying it first to the back of your hand.

BPOM: NA26220300225

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