LAPIGNE Calm Therapy Diospyros Kaki Mist 120ml | BPOM La Pigne Body Mist Face Mist Untuk Semua Jenis Kulit Sensitif Normal Kering


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LAPIGNE Calm Therapy Diospyros Kaki Mist 1. Natural persimmon extracts without irritation to anyone (patent applications) 2. The scent of persimmons spreading at the moment of spraying is 8 times the freshness and coolness. 3. 6000 times the natural moisture factor for long-lasting moisture. 4. The World's Surprised Real Terrapy Made from Korea's Only Natural Sensory Component 5. Persimmons make your skin bright, including both vitamin A and C. 6. soothing the skin with antioxidant ingredients * It can be used on both the face and the body. How to use 1. Keep your face at a reasonable distance and spray it evenly across your face. 2. Tap it with your hands to absorb enough.

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