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ENOUGH 8 Peptied Toner (130ml)

ENOUGH 8 Peptied Toner (130ml)

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Anti-aging face toner with peptides Enough 8 Peptide Sensation Pro Premium Toner for fast skin recovery and regeneration. The product fills the skin with energy, makes it firmer and more elastic, smoothes wrinkles and tightens the skin. The result is hydrated skin that looks refreshed, rested and well-groomed. The toner evens out the texture of the skin, increasing its firmness and elasticity, filling in the unevenness of the skin. Toner restores youthfulness and radiance to the skin, prevents the appearance of new expression lines

The product includes:

Peptides - stimulate the process of skin regeneration, help smooth out existing wrinkles, prevent the appearance of new ones, and also control the formation of melanin, lightening pigmentation and even out skin tone.

Collagen - helps to smooth and soften the skin, improves the structure and microrelief of the skin: it becomes firmer and more elastic, tightens and strengthens, and the face contour becomes clearer.

The toner will help enhance the effect of the care cosmetics applied after, and also improve the condition of aging, sagging and damaged skin. With regular use of the product, you will notice that the skin condition is much better, and the number of wrinkles is reduced.

How to use: Apply a little tonic to previously cleansed skin and spread with a cotton pad or light patting movements.
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