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ENOUGH W Collagen Pure Shining Foam Cleansing (100gr)

ENOUGH W Collagen Pure Shining Foam Cleansing (100gr)

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Enough W Collagen Pure Shining Foam Cleansing 100ml is a cleansing foam with peptides and marine collagen. Cleans the skin qualitatively, dissolves all types of impurities, removes toxins. Hydrolyzed marine collagen intensively absorbs water molecules and prevents their evaporation, which allows you to restore the optimal water balance and reduces the severity of age-related changes. The complex of peptides that play the role of growth factors accelerates cell division, launches the activity of fibroblasts and improves regeneration processes. Niacinamide accelerates the accumulation of melanin, which helps reduce age spots and even eliminate them completely. Centella Asiatica extract has healing, calming properties. Pearl extract saturates cells with vitamins, eliminates pathogenic manifestations, neutralizes excess sebum, mattifies the skin and reduces pores. Aloe Vera Extract Aloe has pronounced healing, antibacterial and regenerating properties. It saturates the tissues with useful substances, energizes the skin and protects against the attack of free radicals.

– gentle cleaning
- reduction of pores
- calming down
- anti-inflammatory effect

How to use:
1. Take an appropriate amount in your palms, create a lather.
2. Apply and massage gently on the face in circular motions for 30-40 seconds and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
3. After cleansing the skin with foam, in the first 3 seconds apply the toner.

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