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We are now in August, and for the past month my skin has been very unpredictable and a lot more sensitive than usual. I personally have sensitive oily skin that is also dehydrated, so I always like using products that can control my oil-moisture balance as well as not sensitize my skin. For the past 3 weeks, I was able to try out the Round Lab 1095 Dokdo Toner

For a bit of background for those who are unfamiliar with this brand, Round Lab is a fairly new brand in K-Beauty that has gotten noticed by skincare fanatics in Korea. It has won several awards on one of Korea’s most popular skincare apps, Hwahae. During my recent trip to Korea, so many people were talking about the Dokdo Toner and I wasn’t able to find it any of the local beauty shops since they were always sold out! 


The 1095 Dokdo toner is claimed to be a daily toner that is exfoliatingsoothingskin-protecting, and moisturizing while being gentle enough for sensitive skin types. In my opinion, 1095 Dokdo Toner will be a favorite if not a must-have for sensitive skin types. 

The key ingredient of the entire Dokdo line is natural sea water sourced from Ulleungdo which is a part of Dokdo Island. This ingredient is enriched with minerals and offers an abundance of nutrient-filled moisture that can promote clearer, healthier skin.

[Round Lab]1095 Dokdo Toner

Dokdo Toner product - M Review 98


As I mentioned, the Dokdo Toner won the “Best Toner” award for 2 consecutive years on the Hwahae app. It claims to be a gentle exfoliating toner using Round Lab’s patented HATCHING EX-07 ingredient that helps resurface the skin for smoother skin. It also contains the moisturizing Ulleungdo sea water and panthenol that soothes and protects sensitive skin. Allantoin and betaine are also incorporated within the formula for extra soothing and skin protecting. The ingredient list is very minimal which I personally love seeing since I know there will be a lower chance of certain ingredients irritating my skin. It is free of parabens, alcohol, and fragrance as well (yes!). With such a mild formula, this toner is definitely one of those pH-balancing toners that will condition the strength and health of your skin.

Dokdo Toner package - M Review 98


From my experience, it is definitely a mild exfoliating toner that sensitive skin types can use daily without being worried about irritation. In comparison to other exfoliating ingredients such as AHAs and BHAs, the HATCHING EX-07 ingredient is a much more gentle which is why it’s optimal for daily exfoliation. I’ve been that person who has tried binging on AHAs and BHAs on a daily basis but have noticed that my skin eventually gets irritated from consistent use and over-exfoliation. Some sensitive skin types can’t handle certain levels of these exfoliants, so I definitely recommend trying out this toner if you want an even milder exfoliation. I have noticed that texture around my face has definitely become smoother and less apparent within a week of use! 

Dokdo Toner texture - M Review 98

The texture of this toner has a watery consistency which soaks right into the skin. It is moisturizing enough to prep your skin for other products to layer on top of. Occasionally, I will even layer this toner if I want a bit more hydration. For my dry skin people, I will put it out there that this toner might not be your favorite if you prefer super hydrating and viscous toners, but this toner can definitely still be great for exfoliation or layering purposes. For people, who like me, have oily-combination skin will appreciate the fast-absorbing moisture this toner offers. 

Dokdo Toner absorbed - M Review 98

The soothing properties of this toner is also quite amazing. My sensitive skin has not once been irritated or broken out from these past 3 weeks. It has also faded some redness and spots on my skin from previous acne. Acne-prone skin would probably enjoy this toner since it helps clean and refine pores and prevent acne-flare ups. 

Overall, I definitely recommend this toner for those of you who are looking for a daily toner that is gentle enough to exfoliate everyday and will work harmoniously with your sensitive skin issues. I would personally gear this toner towards oily-combination skin since dry skin types might want even more hydration out of their toners. However, I believe this can be used by all skin types and will continue to be loved by many skincare fanatics. 

Until the next one,

Stay Glowing

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